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The Journey of Our Scallops

From the Sea

1. Harvesting is done 24-hours per day, usually in rotating 12-hour shifts.

2. Pulled by the boat, dredges drag along the ocean floor collecting scallops.

3. Full nets are hauled to the surface, and scallops are emptied onto the deck.

4. The crew picks through the piles, and transports the scallops into a larger cutting box; bycatch is thrown back into the ocean.

5. The scallops are then shucked by hand*, and sorted by size into buckets.

6. Scallop meats are rinsed clean with sea water to remove sand and transferred to mesh bags.

7. Bags of scallops are stored sandwiched between layers of ice.

*Fun Fact: Each crew member shucks, on average, 50,000 scallops on a 10-day trip. Funner Fact: Our dad (aka Johnny Scallop) has won numerous international competitions for being the fastest shucker!

Over Land

08. Bags of scallops are unloaded from the vessel and weighed at the docks.

09. Temperature-controlled trucks take the ice-cold scallops to our facility to be individually flash frozen and packaged into portions.

10. Your order is packed in an insulated box with dry ice, and shipped to you in two days or less.

To Your Door

11. Your scallops arrive frozen, ready to be stored in your freezer and enjoyed whenever.

Sustainable by Design

Most scallops (including ours) are wild-caught vs. farmed. Managed by the NOAA Fisheries and New England Fishery Management Council, the Atlantic Sea Scallop fishery is meticulously regulated to maintain healthy scallop populations and reduce disruption of other marine life.

Regulations include:

• Limits on crew size (7 members) and days-at-sea, to reduce overfishing

• Maximum yield per excursion in closed areas (18,000 pounds), to reduce overfishing

• Turtle-safe dredges and nets, to prevent catching sea turtles and fish

• The use of low sulphur fuel, to reduce vessel emissions

• A finite number (342) of licensed vessels, to reduce overfishing

• Mandatory vessel trip and catch reporting, to reduce overfishing and protect endangered by catch

Our Scallops vs. Other Scallops

We think scallops are perfect just the way they are. That’s why we freeze them at their freshest, without the use of any chemicals or additives.

 The Scallop Guys
The Other Guys
No chemicals added
Can be coated with a protective glaze
No water added
Can be soaked in phosphates to add water weight
Quickly frozen, consistently frozen
Susceptible to thaw/freeze cycles, leading to moisture and nutrient loss
Vacuum sealed into perforated, 8 oz portions
Packaged in bulk, difficult to store after opening
Vertically integrated supply chain
Bought from suppliers, unknown middlemen

Ready to try our mighty sea scallops?