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Our Story

All In The Family

What started with our grandfather, father, and then us working demanding hours as deckhands on commercial scallop vessels, has evolved from just a family job, into a family business. After reinvesting decades of experience and earnings into building up our own fleet of vessels, we’ve spent the last 30+ years providing top-quality sea scallops to restaurants, retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice companies.

The Next Generation of Scallops

Now turning our attention to hungry home chefs, we’re on a mission to provide food-lovers everywhere with easy access to premium, 100% natural sea scallops.

Never ones to keep the pleasure of eating freshly caught scallops to ourselves, The Scallop Guys is our way of sharing our family’s passion with as many people as possible.

Your Source for Sustainable Scallops

Knowing that seafood shopping can sometimes be questionable, we’re proud to be your direct source for—in our humble opinion—the best scallops in the world. When you buy from The Scallop Guys, you can rest assured knowing your scallops were sustainably harvested, immediately frozen, and thoughtfully packaged for your convenience and enjoyment.

Meet the Fleet

Berthed in New Bedford, MA, our commercial scallop vessels are named after the incredible women who’ve played invaluable roles building our family business.

Pamela Ann

Brittany Eryn

Madison Kate

Jane Elizabeth

Eileen Rita