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Dad Hat


Our soon-to-be iconic smiley scallop shell is the star of the Dad Hat. Adjustable fit, perfectly normcore.

Dad Hat



  • Thawing

    For a quick thaw:

    Cut a small corner of the portioned pack(s), allowing air inside the vac pack.

    Place the scallop pack(s) in a bowl full of cold water, making sure the opening on the pack stays above the water line and the scallops do not come in contact with the water.

    Allow scallops to sit in water until completely thawed. This should take 1-2 hours. 

    Remove scallops from the pack and make one of our awesome recipes! 

    For an overnight thaw (if you have time for this, we recommend it):

    Remove scallops from the portioned pack(s) and place into a bowl or dish. 

    Cover scallops with a paper towel or plastic wrap and place into the refrigerator. 

    Allow scallops to sit overnight and make one of our awesome recipes the next day!

  • Shipping

    Shipping Included!* Your order will be sent via 2-Day shipping in an insulated box with plenty of dry ice to ensure your scallops remain frozen throughout the entire journey.

    *Additional shipping fees may apply to select states that fall outside the 2-day FedEx Ground zone. Shipping fees will be calculated at checkout. In peak shipping season, between November 2 and January 2, orders to select states may be sent via 3-day shipping. You will be notified about shipping time via email once your order has been processed.

  • Gift Messaging

    Sending as a gift? Add a personalized message at check out! To add a gift message, write your custom note in "Order Notes" at checkout.

  • Storage

    Upon arrival, immediately transfer the sealed scallops into your freezer to keep them frozen. Once you’re ready to cook, remove as many portions as you’d like and defrost the sealed portions in the fridge or a bowl of water.

  • Ingredients

    Scallops (that's it).