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Superfood of the SeaTM

Get premium, 100% natural Atlantic sea scallops delivered from our boats straight to you.

Lifelong scallop lovers, The Scallop Guys are your direct source for 100% natural sea scallops, sustainably harvested by our own fleet.

What’s So Great About Our Scallops? Everything.

Scallops are a great source of clean protein and essential minerals, with less fat and cholesterol than beef or chicken.

Free of added water, chemical glazes, and artificial preservatives, our dry-packed scallops are just that: scallops.

Our scallops are individually quick frozen upon docking and remain frozen every step of their way to you.

Extraordinarily versatile and surprisingly easy to prepare, scallops can be enjoyed pan seared, baked, grilled, and even raw.

Managed by NOAA Fisheries and New England Fishery Management Council, Atlantic Sea Scallops are responsibly harvested under strict U.S. regulations.

Every TSG order is vacuum sealed into perforated packs of 8-ounce portions, so you can thaw and enjoy at your convenience.

Meet the scallop guys

From Our Boats to Your Plate

Three generations in the making, The Scallop Guys have grown from humble, hardworking beginnings to owning our own fleet.